These folks have helped me in this project by reading sections of the current or earlier drafts, and sharing their comments:

Doris Cohen, Peggy Rouleau, Elise Rosenfeld, Mel Zax, Carlo Filice, Gail Chasey, Amedeo Qualich, Jeff and Amie Rose, Eleanor Lewin, Jane Rubens, Andrea Cox, Genesis D. Suchan, Albert Picallo, Lyle Lehman, Sarah Liebschutz, Marshall Lesser, Seymore Weinstein, Sid Shapiro, Arnold Matlin, David and Vera Hurd, Harvey Block. Beth Matlin, Ellen _________,  Kathryn Stevens, Barney Rickenberger. 

The writings of the late University of Michigan Professor of Philosophy, William Frankena, have been very helpful to me over the years – especially the general model for normative philosophies of education as set forth in his Three Historical Philosophies of Education, Scott, Foresman